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Praeventus B.V. is registered in the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK) and is licensed and regulated in The Netherlands and the EEA by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

Whilst setting up an UK branch office and applying for an FCA license, Praeventus is registered with the FCA as an Appointed Representative of Oilfield Insurance Agency Limited (OIAL). OIAL is an FCA licensed and regulated company and this setup allows Praeventus to conduct insurance business from the UK as well.


Whilst we act as an insurance company, we do not have the same stringent capital requirements of an insurer. As an MGA we are, however, regulated by Financial Authorities and must also comply with the insurance compliance requirements imposed by our carriers. Being a Coverholder of Lloyd’s, for instance, means complying with a set of regulations that any Lloyd’s Agent has to comply with. This includes Financial Crime & Sanctions (anti-money laundering, international sanction and bribery) and Conduct Risk.

Registration and license numbers:

KVK Company Registration no.:


AFM License Reference:


FCA Registration nos.:

FRN948123 / MXM00538


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